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For us, Hospitality means making your vacation unforgettable, and your smile is always our goal!


The group has many years of experience in the tourism and restaurant industry throughout Italy, and this experience is made available to you to ensure the best.


The combination of accommodations, restaurants, and pubs combined with our Salento products offer a complete range of services.

Your Ideal Vacation

...For couples

Romantic atmospheres to share with your loved one.

......For families

Ideal structures and places for a vacation with your loved ones.

...For young people (and not only)

Let yourself be carried away by the nightlife for carefree evenings with friends.

...For business

The right comfort, even during your business trips.


Imagine an invisible thread that starts from the majestic peaks of the Rhaetian Alps, makes a brief stop at the top of the magnificent Lake Como (which enchanted Manzoni so much), and then flies directly to reach the splendid Salento and its sea. 

This is the “MADE“: an invisible thread made of passion, commitment, and dedication, animated by people who have made your smile their objective!

Your smile is our goal