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Tenuta Ferrario Gallipoli

The AgriSostaCamper

The AgriSostaCamper is located inside the splendid Tenuta Ferrario, a 10-hectare farmhouse situated in Gallipoli. The area consists of: 15 pitches dedicated to parking, a camper stop area, a play area for children, a barbecue area and an outdoor cold shower area.

In the reception kiosk it will be possible to buy various products from the Ferrario Estate, as well as basic foodstuffs. In addition to the kiosk, there is also a shop dedicated to camper equipment.

The AgriSostaCamper Tenuta Ferrario is only 2 km from the wonderful beaches of "Baia Verde", and only 5 km from Gallipoli and "Punta della Suina", a beach that has received numerous international awards.

Thanks to the shuttle service (up to 9 places) it will be possible to reach the beaches: there are 2 runs in the morning and 2 runs in the evening (other runs will be paid for).

Each grass pitch is well shaded by Mediterranean plants and artificial sails, as well as being equipped with electricity and water (non-drinking) connections.

The estate also offers guided tours of the planting of vegetables, fruit trees, olive groves and the educational farm with animals. The estate also offers all guests the opportunity to gain experience in working in the vegetable gardens and caring for the animals.


Listino Prezzi

  • Piazzola APRILE/MAGGIO
    Piazzola APRILE/MAGGIO €25

    Prezzo a notte

  • Piazzola GIUGNO
    Piazzola GIUGNO €30

    Prezzo a notte

  • Piazzola LUGLIO
    Piazzola LUGLIO €40

    Prezzo a notte

  • Piazzola AGOSTO
    Piazzola AGOSTO €50

    Prezzo a notte

  • Piazzola SETTEMBRE
    Piazzola SETTEMBRE €40

    Prezzo a notte

  • Piazzola OTTOBRE
    Piazzola OTTOBRE €30

    Prezzo a notte

  • Piazzola NOMBRE/MARZO
    Piazzola NOMBRE/MARZO €25

    Prezzo a notte

  • Corrente Elettrica
    Corrente Elettrica €7

    Prezzo a notte

  • Acqua
    Acqua €5

    Prezzo a notte

  • Doccie Esterne
    Doccie Esterne Gratuito
  • Parco Giochi Bambini
    Parco Giochi Bambini Gratuito
  • Area Barbecue
    Area Barbecue Gratuito

    Pulizia a carico dei clienti

  • Camper Stop
    Camper Stop €15

    Carico Reflui e Carico Acqua

  • Navetta Spiaggia/Gallipoli
    Navetta Spiaggia/Gallipoli €5

    Prezzo a corsa

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